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Care Homes

We welcome residents from Care Homes at our monthly craft and Men's Shed sessions, where we provide activities which are suitable for all ages and capabilities. Our group is dementia friendly and suitable for people living with dementia.

We also produce bespoke sensory items for people living with dementia, which may assist in reducing anxiety and in providing a focus for meaningful conversation and reminiscence. Sensory items like twiddle muffs, fiddle aprons, cushions and blankets have been shown to benefit some people living with dementia. However, these are usually ‘off the peg’ items and although useful, do not address individual preferences or memories.

We produce the sensory items at and through our group sessions, where participants, including people living with dementia and their carers, can use existing skills or can learn new skills, enable them to regain an identify and purpose in making items for people locally who are living with dementia. Made In Haslingden work with people living with dementia, their carers and Care Homes to establish individual details such as favourite colours, previous occupation, hobbies; which can then be incorporated into a bespoke sensory item. This is done from past and current life story.

Activities have many purposes - meeting the needs for inclusion, identity and roles in life. There is evidence to show that engagement in meaningful activity can have a beneficial effect on well-being. This helps to meet the needs of people with dementia, who seem to be particularly at risk of not ‘doing’, with a consequent adverse effect on their well-being.

We can work with you to gain life story information for your residents and make bespoke sensory items tailored to individuals.

We also provide training to assist your staff in using the items to best effect.

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